Sacrilege and disrespect towards Hindus and Hinduism by Netfirms

The use of Indian symbols/God is a trivial and sacrilege with a disrespect to Hinduism. Netfirms don't even seem to understand what is Karma as per Indian philo. Why you did not use Islamic symbols or even Jesus?

You show how insensible you are with your bias and partial mindset. Is it because Hindus are not like Muslims who will gun you down that they can be insulted?

I am offended but can understand your bigoted Christian disrespect towards Indian Culture and its ethos. Your ads is misleading and offending.

I can now understand this site: http://netfirms.pissedconsumer.com/ and http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/netfirms-c359647.html due to your barbarian mind-set.

This person wrote the review because of "disrespect and misused of hinduism symbols/representation for ads" at Netfirms and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Netfirms to "shows tolerance and respect towards others' cultures and religion and don't make inappropriate use of religious symbols".

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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