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This post reflects events surrounding 7/6/2011.

BEWARE! Netfirms is presently engaged in a campaign of false advertisement! They are presently advertising UNLIMITED SPACE and UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH on their main page, and most accounts (including mine) are listed as having UNLIMITED SPACE and UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH post-migration to the new server system.



As described by their own agents, their new server platform is a "shared resource platform," and the true space limit is 25GB.

The true bandwidth limit has yet to be tested.

I found out about this by trying to use my supposedly UNLIMITED space to house a new version of my photo/video album for my website (62GB). I was threatened with suspension of my account, AND deletion of my files by their legal team.

I complied because they said they would not issue a refund, and I'm paid up until March of 2012.

Not only that, but pre-migration to their "shared resource platform," I had access to 200GB of space.

So I'm not getting the UNLIMITED space that's being advertised, I'm not getting the UNLIMITED space that's listed on my account, and I'm not even getting the pre-migration to their "shared resource platform" 200 GB that I had. They won't give me a refund, and I only have 25 GB to work with.


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They charged my credit card after my many emails telling them I did not wish to auto renew and after having my hosting plan set not not auto renew. The even sent me an email saying my hosting account would not renew and I was downgradd to a Parked domian account as I requested and when I went to renew that domian they charged me twice, once for the domain and once for a hosting plan I dont want..Crooks


I have been a customer of Netfirms for over three years and they are easily the worst internet domain name company that I have ever dealt with !Repeated, repeated billing issues, cannot renew an expired domain name via credit card, even though creduit card has plenty of line of credit, technical support cannot fix the problem, either !This has happened to me, three consecutive years, with three different domain names !I do not recommend this company at ALL ! Real b*stards !


We have had many dealings with Netfirms, but had no problems until they sold us out to another company. Then we lost domain names, had to pay extra for glitches, even to have our account overcharged? All of this is unforgiveable for the long term service we as your customers gave you to build your name !!!!!


I had the Netfirms Advantage package - 300 gig of space - with 210 gig used.

On the phone, they claim that 25 gig is normal, and anything over that is not. I am one of many users that had a 300 gig package, upgraded from their 250 gig package. As of April 1, 2011, the new terms took effect, but no mention of space limit until you were moved to the new server.

When Netfirms sold the company, new owners set new plan called unlimited, but don't allow more than 25 gig. The way they do it is to say that you are 'storing archive files contrary to their terms'. When asked by phone, the real story is they have a 25 gig limit. Stored archives does not in fact seem to be an issue - just about of space...

Under the previous owner, you bought 300 gig of space. Under the new owner, no limit, but they use the storage of files as a way to enforce the un-written 25 gig limit.

I heard about their poor reputation before the move and prepared an alternate host, but I wasn't expecting this.


:( On top of all that it took me 9 days to upload all those files I had to delete.

*** you Netfirms!


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