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I've been with Netfirms for over a month now and it seems like they are more problems with this company than you can ever imagine. Here are some of the problems I encountered:

1. After I signed up with them, I found out that my domains locations were not direct. The domains location is usually something like

2. My websites were down at least three times in one month.

3. Had some difficulties accessing my cpanel at least five times.

4. My Blog on one of the sites doesn't work now because they have their own software that I am supposed to use if I want the blog to be functional.

5. Tried o install AWSTATS, and it took me two weeks to get working (and only working for one of my websites) because the support team just kept giving me wrong information.

My advise is find some other hosting co. for your website. My recommendation is to do a google search for the best ranked websting co's and you should be able to get a list of the top 10.

Good luck,

Monetary Loss: $135.

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At Netfirms, our entire organization is rallied around one singular goal: "To be the #1 web host of choice for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide."

*****Biggest lie ever!!

Do NOT go with Netfirms!! Worst customer service EVER! You will be on hold FOREVER, they won't call you back, and filing a ticket does nothing!!


Been with netfirms for years now and have alway been impressed with the service. However, this past two weeks all my websites have been down more than up...


When Netfirms emails a receipt to a customer, they include attachments that are unnecessary and unwanted (for example, an image file of the Netfirms logo). That's a very annoying practice.


I am so angry with Netfirms and had to speak out somewhere .... this has to be the worst company EVER!! Our entore business rests on gaining access to email and we are hosted on Netfirms.

I have called 20 times today and nobody seems to care .... they just said they would try their best and hung up.... but the POP and webmail is down!! I cant even check on the web!

How can they get away with this???

I am going to post in as many places as possible ... I will leave them but I dont want other people to get stuck with them ... please feel free to contact me .... I will give you the low down on them ... horrible horrible .... they suck big time .... DONT GO WITH THEM.

They should be locked-up!! Theives and should not get away with it ... How the *** did they get so many customers!!


Calabash, North Carolina, United States #5891

You are still lucky. Netfirms is nothing compared to My websites hosted on 3ix have been hacked six times with iframe script inserted in every webpage.

When I searched google I found that 3ix has a past record of its servers being hacked by iframe scripts. But, they never acknowledged it.

Contact their customer care and all they tell me to do is to change my passwords frequently. My two months have been wasted in just emails to 3ix.

Pipestone, Minnesota, United States #3953

I have 5 sites with them, whats up all the sites they host are down and the phone just rings then goes busy

Pierz, Minnesota, United States #3950

Yeah - Netfirms suck. They're down right now (going into the 5th hour).

Owatonna, Minnesota, United States #3934

yeah it really *** me off to have paid them alot of money for the domains i own, and not be able to access them at any time. kinda makes me want to drive to canada or wherever in the frik they be and open a can of whoop a$$

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